& FINALLY, i was accepted by La Suisse. What felt like a lifetime in hindsight now seems like a tiny gap in time. I went BAZERK when I received the email. I was sitting in my car, waiting on a friend, & decided to check my email. Then voilà! The email I had been anticipating for lord knows how long was sitting in my inbox. Initially, I jumped around (in my seatbelt mind you, which must have been a sight). Then I called my grandmother, who was equally excited as I was. After that, I called my parents, who were in the middle of a dinner party but decided it would be a good idea to announce to all of their guests. Finally, I made it official by posting the event on facebook (for nothing is official until it is your status!). Now, a few weeks later, I'm sitting in my bed writing this blog entry to share my excitement with you all.

So, What's Next?! Next is what might be the longest wait. I have to mentally prepare myself for the initial culture shock, try my hardest at memorizing the french dictionary, learn all of the nasty german grammar rules I can possibly fit into my brain (just in case), get my visa, and then, find out who my host family is!! Excitement doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about my departure. I can only dream about all of the experiences I will have. I have a recurring dream where I live on top of a mountain, with 8 different family members, none of them speak english, and they are chocolatiers. Stereotypical? A little. A girl has to dream though.

That's all I have to say for now. I will post more when more information comes along, or when I receive my ChipIn button.

Thanks for reading!

p.s- the title isn't spelled wrong. C'est en français!