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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I really miss that right now. But anyways, here's what's going on..

School started on Monday, which was just wonderful. It took all my strength and many cups of coffee, but I mananged to do it. I got a pick me up during the day when I saw that I passed my physics test! I got a couple bonus points, but regardless, I PASSED. Tests here are very different. We don't have them all the time. Maybe a couple a semester. And they are your only grades, so you need to pass every single one. We get graded from 1-6, with 6 being the best. But you can't get more than a six, like how we get 110's (sorry sam marvin). And not everyone gets a 6 or a 5.99. People fail. A lot of people. Or they get a 4.5, which is hardly a B. And that's good for them. Also, tests are really short. this test was 7 questions, and we had 45 minutes to do it. Here's the classes and grades I've had so far...
Physiscs: 4.4
Music:  5.5
French: 5
Sport: I don't remember but I passed
Geography: Wasn't graded, but my answers were creative, such as "Die Schweiz hat köstliche Käse."

I also had a test in math this week, quadratic functions, whatever. And I have a test tomorrow in Biology, OVER PHOTOSNYTHESIS AND CELLULAR RESPIRATION. hahahahaha. what is this, freshman year? :D

On tuesday night I went with my mom to her excersize class. There were a lot of old women and they did Yoga with really bad form and they had scented balls to help them. I'll do anything to bond with my host parents though. It's hard to find stuff to do with them. Then wednesday I went to have hot chocolate with another exchange student from Finland. It was delicous. Thursday I went and got a swiss bank account with credit suisse and had chorus practice. They call it a gospel choir, but the closest they sing to gospel is Michael Jackson. It's adorable though. I love their accents. Friday my plans fell through so I hung around the house :( Saturday I went to Konstanz (In Germany) to go winter clothes shopping. Germany is cheap, even after you get past the euro. Also, since they have weird taxes there, I get money back for not being german! Isn't that lovely? :) Then at night, I went to my host brothers to celebrate halloween. He and his fiancée even decorated the apartment! It was sooo nice :) Today we went flying around and looked at some mountains and lakes and it was so pretty :) you can see pictures on facebook :)

Right now I'm going to the neighbors to eat Raclette :) I'm not sure completely what it is, but I'll let y'all know another time.

Ciao :)

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  1. Love your updates, keep them coming. I'm looking for your pictures next. Maria and I are doing a boat cruise next July 4th from Paris to the Mediterranean. Love Carroll and Maria