Life in Switzerland is immer noch schön. The thing now is that it's turning into life, and not vacation. This is the adjustment stage. I've so far been amazed by all of the new wonders of the Swiss culture, but now they're becoming a bit more familiar, and slowly being integrated into my head. Zum Beispiel, I blew my nose in class, in front of everyone (sorry mom!). That's a totally normal thing here, and most definitely not in America. However I did it because when in Rome do as the Italians. It's funny how fast people can adapt. Anyways, Switzerland and I are out of the honeymoon stage but we still love eachother madly. 

Here's what's been going on in my life... 

IT SNOWED! Everything is white and beautiful and cold. It's a real live winter! I love it! I made a snow angel in the middle of my schools soccer field, it was amazing! But I didn't realize that you got wet when you played it the snow. (Someone said it had something to do with it being made out of water). 

I saw Harry Potter. I'm so mad. WHY IS THERE TWO PARTS TO THIS MOVIE?I CAN'T WAIT THIS LONG. Good news is that I understood all of it. I'm currently on the 2nd book in German, which is basically what I do in school :) 

I ate Ben & Jerry's! Cookie dough to be exact. 

I made a pumpkin pie! AND IT WAS EDIBLE. Nobody here really understands thanksgiving, but they did enjoy the pie. They don't get how all we do is eat on the holiday. HELLO? IT'S FOOD. 

I find it's getting harder for me to boil my life into details because everything isn't as exciting. Don't get me wrong, I love it here, and I'm having the best time of my life. I just can't get all woop die blue blah when I am so used to it. Things here are almost normal. 

I'll tell you one thing though, I miss my friends like crazy. Swiss people are known to have a hard shell, and this has truth to it. I'm trying to break through there coconut shells, but I know you can't just do it with one strike. Persistence persistence persistence. 

Und gemeinsam gingen sie durch das Tor zurück in die Muggelwelt...


so ist das Leben.

und es ist schön.

I'm going to really start trying to update this on Sundays from now on, because I've discovered that people read it. That's so cool, all this time I thought I was talking to myself :P

Anyways, a week in review..

Monday I had school as usual. I can't remember doing anything specifically special. So we'll leave that day at that.

Tuesday I had school again. Still usual. I also went exercising with my host mom after school. We go to a community center in a neighboring village and do random things in a group. Yoga, stretching, really random half dance things. It's exercise though, and that's wichtig. 

Wednesday I had school again. After that, I picked up Andy at the Bahnhof. Then we went home and hung around for the day. He met my host parents and what not. It was nice.

Thursday I went to school from the until noon. Normally on Thursday I have no school in the afternoon, but today I had a Themanachmittag. This is when the school takes two subjects and you do a project between the two, integrated. My class has Geography and Art. However, I did not attend this because I had a "headache" and went home. We ate lunch and then went to the Hoher Kasten. It's a mountain close to here, and it's beautiful. We rode up the mountain, drank Kaffee and ate Biberlis. Kaffee is coffee. Literally translated a Biberli is baby beaver, but it's actually a little cake that almost tastes like gingerbread. After that we walked down the mountain. Or we ran, depending on your nationality. It was really difficult for me to walk downhill in the snow. I've never learned how to walk in the snow. It was really beautiful though. That night, we had champange fondue. Melted, delicious cheese with bread. <3. And if you drop your bread in the fondue pot, you have to do something. Maybe run around barefoot in the snow, or do the dishes. It depends from family to family.

Friday we went to Winterthur, a city 20 km away. We walked around, had a quasi pic nic, filled with müesli, rivella, gipfeli, brötli, and schoggi. Then we went to the movies and saw the social network, in German. The movie theather had around 12 theaters, but each only seated 40 people! IT WAS SO TINY. The movie was good, but it costed CHF 18.- a person. Willkommen in der Schweiz. 

Saturday we went on a mini hike in my town. We tried to find a tower but got lost. It was still was beautiful. There's actually fall here. The leaves are all yellow and orange, and it's COLD. But I love in none the less.

That's all for now, sorry there's no pictures. It doesn't work for some reason. You can always look at them on facebook. :)

Auf Wiedersehen alle miteinander.