eine kleines reise.

that's what I did today.. along with other things. Here's how it went..

I woke up and found that I was home alone. I went downstairs and ate my Joghurt, and had some Kaffee. It's the breakfast of champions :) Then I went upstairs and laid back down, because it's sunday and I couldn't think of anything better to do. My host mom came upstairs after her 1 hour and a half long run "No big deal", she said. She said we were eating breakfast shortly, which I thought was odd, because not only was it past ten, but also we have never eaten breakfast together. So I go downstairs and we have Morgen Mittagessen, also known as brunch. Apparently that happens every Sunday. On the menu was..
Muessli, Zopfbrot (THE BEST), assorted meats and cheeses, Fruit Medly, Nutella, Marmalade, and Kaffee. Yummy :) Then after that I decided to try something new. So I went upstairs and cleaned. They don't have a vacuum cleaner or a broom here, what you do is you take this tube and plug it into the wall and it vacuums. It's weird, but I like it. So after that adventure, my host-father told me that we were going on a kleines reise with my host brother and pseudo host sister. We went to a CASTLE!!! Munot, to be exact, in Schaffhausen. It was gorgeous, and I got some really great pictures. Then we went to the rhinefalls, which were breath taking. Someone told me they were small, but they looked pretty big to me. After that, we drove home where we ate sauceless delicious spaghetti. It was kind of spicy, but not really. My host parents, however, warned me that it was SEHR SCHARF. I would love to see them eat thai food :) After that we fernsehen-ed. Now I'm here writing this with droopy eye-lids. I'm officially in love with Switzerland, and if it were possible, I would marry her and her mountainy greatness. I guess I could settle with living here though :)

Träum Süß!

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