second day ii de Schwyz.


So. My host mother came in my room at 12:30 and said, "Schlaefst du NOCH?" oops, i guess i slept in too much.So I dressed and ran downstairs and lunch was served, pasta casserole with potatoes and cheese. it was good, but not good for when I just woke up. So after that we went into Frauenfeld, and I bought a razor and some tooth paste. The toothpaste cost about 2.- franken, the razor cost 70.- FRANKEN. but I got a 2 year warantee so it's the last razor i'll need. There is no tax in switzerland, which is nice. Then we went home and I helped my host mom cook dinner, I cut the mozerrella while she cut other things. We sat outisde and drank Kaffee until people came over. First was my host uncle, who is very nice. Then came my host brothers girlfriend, who is romanian and speaks no german. Finally my host brother came. In Switzerland, they do the 3 kiss thing. AWK. but I like it. Then my host grandparents stopped by and gave us some fruit and wine. The wine was sooo good & sweet. I think they made it. Then we had pizza, fresh from the brickoven. It had tuna, squash, zucchini, salami, pepperocini (fresh from italy), and onions on it. with fresh mozerella, of course. everything here is either homemade or fresh! It was so good, but they gave me a whole pizza and I couldn't finish it :( That's not rude here though, so isch guet. HOWEVER, it is rude to pop your knuckles, i think. OH BOY. So then we had some wine from italy, barsomethingorother. it was red and delicious, like the apple. Then my host brother helped me set up the internet and told me how to use the trains. He is such a big help, he's great! Then we went outside and talked and then everyone left. Then I went upstairs and took a shower and skyped and now I'm writing this. I plan on sleeping soon.

Gute Nacht, Schoenen Obick!

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