Alright blog, here is my first day.

The plane ride wasn’t bad, I couldn’t sleep due to the crazy ridiculous amount of excitement. But oh well. I watched how to train your dragon, auf Deutsch. Then I wrote in my Tagebuch. We had a meal somewhere in there, but I didn’t care for it too much. After that I listened to music, and showed the lovely ladies next to me my pictures from Georgia. I thought I had lost my iTunes library, but I found it! YAY. I also read some of the New York times. Mostly what I did was sit there and let my imagination go wild. That’s my favorite thing to do. So after that we got off the plane and made our way to customs. We got out of there in a good 4 minutes, all 12 of us. I can’t even get INTO America that fast, and I’m a citizen there! All of the employees at the airport were so nice. So we went to baggage claim and I went to the restroom to change out of my sweatpants, because that’s a no-no here. Then I grabbed my bag and we walked through the exit and voila! All of the host families were there, with AFS staff. I didn’t recognize my family at first, but once I found them I gave them a hug and we went to the parking lot. I hopped in the red BMW cross-over type car, and we were off to Felben! The ride was gorgeous, you could see some mountains and the clouds were right at eye level and it was just lovely. So we arrived and I got a tour of the house. It’s not as big as an American house, but it has two stories and I like it. I also have two rooms, which is odd. Ones for sleeping, the other is for school work and friends. Isch guet! So then I unpacked my bags, and my room looks really good (sleeping room, that it) I have an IKEA-esque shelving/cabinets on the wall where I put all my clothes and books. My American flag will be hanging over my bed as soon as I figure out what the word is for thumb tack. On my desk I have my laptop, camera, golden Buddha, the lovely scrapbook my best friends gave me, my 17th birthday candle from Dezmone, a picture frame with me & Andy in it, and my iHome. I hung a red sox hat on my lamp, because I couldn’t live without it being in my eyesight. Also in my room, I have a sink and a half shower. I only use the sink though. Outside my window to the right you see the garage and the street, in front of you there is the lanai with brick oven for pizza and grill. We eat lunch out there, which is the largest meal of the day. And to your left, you can see COWS. And they smell really mad and never stop mooing. But I really like it anyways. So after all that jazz, we had mittagessen. Steak with potatoes and salad. It was good, I think there was chocolate cake involved but I was too tired so I went to take a nap. When I woke up, my host uncle was here and we had coffee. IT IS SO DELICIOUS. No coffee shop in America could ever come close to Swiss coffee, and this was made at home. I can’t wait till Morgen Morgen when I can have another cup. Or twelve. After that, my host mom told me that we were going out, and I though she said jogging, so I changed into work out clothes. Apparently, jogging and going to some large festival is not the same thing. So, we rode the bus to Frauenfeld, it took about 3 minutes. Then we went into the bahnhoff and got my tickets for language camp squared away. Then we walked around and found a place to stand on a wall to watch the most obsquere parade ever. There were Jodlers, a given. Then farmers who passed out their crops, apples and carrots being most common, also fresh cream to drink. Then there were these floats with boys wrestling on them. But they only could hold onto the other boys pants. Whatever. Also, there was another where these buff guys threw a heavy rock around. It was entertaining, to say the least. Then we walked near the Stadium where a million people were camping. There were so many booths selling so many different things, and there were hot air balloons! As I passed one shop, this man said something to me in Swiss German and offered me a piece of cheese. OHMYGOD. My life was complete at that moment. It was so creamy and smooth, I could have cried. He deserved a big merci for that. So, then we went atop this hill and met with some family friends I assume and watched a plane show, it was really good. After that we walked 398247023897641283745610238746123897451928376401238746`0293476 kilometers home. Then we had a real European dinner, bread, meat and cheese. It was the perfect thing too, because I was so full from all the free food that I only wanted a little something. And that’s what I got. Then I came upstairs and checked my facebook and wrote some emails and took a shower, which was interesting. Their shower is amazing, But I don’t know if what I was using was soap, because it was in Italian. Anyways, after you shower, you have to squeegee the glass. You know the things they have at gas stations and you get that dirty soap water and clean your windshield? The thing that dries it off, that’s what you have to do. Huh. So I did all that and brushed my teeth and now I’m writing this. It wont be posted until I get WIFI, so whatever. Tomorrow I’m going to a rodeo and Sunday were going to somebodys house. Monday I start language camp, which should be good, since I will get to see people my own age. YAY.

Tschuess, ciao, bis spaeter,
Mary J

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  1. 1st of all you are a really good writer, maye one day you could get all your blogs turned into a book, who knows but that would be cool! 2nd of all I hope you have an amazing time, I wish I could do something like that :) well good luck